CellMark Packaging

CellMark Packaging offers a full range of marketing, sales, and technical support to a variety of mill partners all over the world. The division tailors its financial and risk management support for each of its partners, providing custom-made solutions that reap exceptional results.

Seizing opportunities

The Packaging Division’s comprehensive approach came in handy recently, when a key mill partner urgently needed to revise its sales focus from its traditional, long-term customers to a shorter view. Specifically, it needed to make an aggressive push to exploit short-term pricing and demand opportunities, without impacting its established long-term agreements.

Within just six weeks, CellMark Packaging implemented changes that increased mill net pricing by 15 percent — a significant boost to its financial outlook. As a result of the Packaging Group’s help, the mill was able to take advantage of its “quick-hit” opportunity, with no discernible disruption in service to its critical base of long-term customers.

Delivering product with just-in-time efficiency

In South America, seasonal planning for the agricultural box business requires timely delivery of material that frequently cannot be specified until very close to harvest time — there are too many variables associated with the quality and size of the produce the boxes will contain. As a result, determining how much product is required can be tricky. A bumper crop can result in a dearth of boxes, which leads to spoilage, while a poor harvest can mean the opposite — too many boxes going unused. Both scenarios hurt the bottom line.

By leveraging its longstanding relationships with mills throughout North America and Europe, CellMark Packaging supplies the natural and bleached liners and medium for box construction, and coordinates these deliveries to coincide precisely with the harvest season.

Corner boards, plastic wraps, and starch products are also delivered in a just-in-time fashion — providing complete support for box-making requirements. In short, it’s a one-stop-shopping arrangement for the Packaging Division’s South American customers.

With streamlined logistics support and a variety of suppliers, CellMark Packaging ensures that customers receive the material they need, exactly when needed. As a result, produce is brought to market fresh, and spoilage is all but eliminated, keeping profits high.

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