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NorCell was born in September 2011, the result of CellMark Paper’s longstanding vision to join forces with Norske Skog, one of Norway’s leading forest products organizations. For years, CellMark Paper had recognized Norske Skog as an important player in the North American publication papers market. Additionally, over the years, CellMark Paper’s Joe Hoffman had crossed paths repeatedly with Norske Skog and Mark Cassidy, a highly respected industry veteran and the leader of the Oslo based company’s North American operations. Both had enjoyed success in the paper business because of their flexibility and willingness to embrace change. To help optimize both companies’ strengths, Joe and Mark created NorCell, an organization with exclusive rights to sell Norske Skog paper in Canada, Mexico and the United States.

From the start, Mark and Joe began to take advantage of their organizations’ collective capabilities. The new company enabled Mark and his team to drive costs from the business while sustaining a solid presence and key customer relationships in a strategic market place. At the same time, NorCell reduced its credit risks and enhanced its cash flow.

NorCell thrived from the outset, thanks to rapid development and implementation of freight and distribution programs, along with careful cultivation and management of key customers and a continuous dialogue with Norske Skog mills. At the same time, CellMark Paper “covered its flanks” to ensure the new relationship did not compromise its other valued mill partners.

Since NorCell’s start, it has endured a host of challenges. For example, as one of Europe’s three leading publication paper producers, Norske Skog aligned volume more closely with demand – a move requiring the shuttering of several assets. Still, no journey worth taking is without risk; NorCell has faced all of its challenges head on and is now stronger for it. Moreover, Joe Hoffman’s idea to garner Norske Skog exclusivity has proved visionary. Recently, NorCell-Asia was formed and CellMark Paper became sole distributor of Norske Skog papers in Asia and in South America. These opportunities and those they lead to are the direct result of the innovative partnership created by Mark and Joe.

“CellMarks vision and unique financing capabilities make it the perfect strategic partner for Norske Skog. We endeavor every day to offer the best in class representation and service in the business. As we look forward there is good reason to believe the NorCell platform will only grow and prosper”, says Mark Cassidy, NorCell Inc, Southport, USA.

“NorCell is a great example of the innovation CellMark encourages in all of its divisions. We focus on excelling in a volatile industry, which helps us identify excellent opportunities and pounce on them,” says Joe Hoffman, Senior Vice President CellMark Paper, Norwalk, USA. Joe continues, “Looking back over the past few years our partnership with Norske has developed even beyond our greatest expectations. In a paper market that continues to decline and be filled with challenges, Norske’s continued commitment to producing world class quality products all across the globe makes for some exciting times ahead.”

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