A NEW DAY WITH Alex Carneado

POSITION Sales Manager for Spain and Portugal, Basic Chemical division


BACK TO Barcelona

ā”€ Before I joined CellMark I was working as Sales Representative for Spain and Portugal at BCS Company. One day, a friend of my father, Ventzi Andreev (both working with BCS Company) proposed to me to go and meet with a certain person for another job. That person happened to be Ersin Alkan, current president of CellMark Basic Chemical division.

CellMark Basic Chemicals was born, and I was onboard. Getting the chance to be a part of this new CellMark project made me feel very fortunate. I love new challenges!

Today, Iā€™m still very motivated, proud and happy to belong to the CellMark team. My colleagues are great, and I really appreciate the humanity that is within the company. CellMark is like my second family and I share several passions with the colleagues in my office. Sport is one of them. We also like to do outdoor activities together and make tapas routes around the city.

Barcelona, where I work and live, is a Mediterranean and cosmopolitan city surrounded by the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea. The city has a fantastic meteorology and considered a cultural capital with the largest tourist affluence in Spain.

There are many places to visit in Barcelona; streets, neighborhoods, modernist buildings, parks, and museums. There are also a great gastronomy of tapas, fish and seafood, as well as an incredible traditional Catalan cuisine.

In my free time I do cooking classes and visit different restaurants, discovering exotic cuisines from all over the world. I like to travel and to explore new countries and cultures.

I also like sports. Since 2015, four or five times every year, I participate in obstacle races called Spartan Race. To finish these races, I need to dedicate my free time to lots of training. My weekly training routine is two days of 10ā”€15K running, and four days of cross fitting and fitness training. We have a dedicated team called AA Spartan Racers Team. Please feel free to follow our journey on Facebook and Instagram.

Together with a non-profit organization called Positive Egoism, I also participate in sport events for children and adults who for any disease use wheelchairs. Positive Egoism organizes marathons, half marathons and 10K training running through different cities in Spain and Portugal. By pushing the wheelchairs while running, we compete together in a party atmosphere. Seeing these people having a really joyful time is the greatest personal satisfaction I have ever experienced in the world of sport.