Different places, different stories. We want to give you an insight into the daily life at CellMark in different parts of the world. Meet our people.


A NEW DAY IN Shanghai 2017.03.13


Shanghai, China

NAME Anne He



What do you do at CellMark?

I deal with all the details regarding commercial issues like contracts, LCs, shipments and logistics. I take calls and emails from customers, answering questions, solving their problems and making sure their issues are dealt with. I also work closely with the sales team providing any information or support they might need.

What is your background and how did you end up at CellMark?

I was born and raised in Shanghai and studied at the International Business College of Shanghai University. After graduation I worked for an E-business company before being headhunted and hired by CellMark in 2002. Working at CellMark is more like being part of a global family rather than a global company.

Where would you take a first-time visitor in Shanghai?

I would start with the Shanghai Tower, it’s the tallest building in China and one of the tallest buildings in the world. You can get a really nice view of the whole city from the observation deck on the 121st floor. Then for some historical sights and traditional food I would go to the Chenghuang Temple, before moving on to the more modern Xintiandi. Every foreigner loves Xintiandi! That’s where the best night life in Shanghai is and there are restaurants with food from all over the world. Finally I would go to the Bund which is my personal favorite. It’s an area along the Huangpu river where you can see both skyscrapers and old buildings, and there are some excellent restaurants with truly amazing food.

Anne He




Anne He

Shanghai, China

A NEW DAY IN Geneva 2017.02.01


Geneva, Switzerland

NAME Charlotte Rodriguez

POSITION Back office sales, Pulp Division


Tell us about Geneva.

Located at the foot of the Alps, Geneva has an attractive natural setting on Leman Lake. It is an old city full of history, with a rich cultural life and a nice balance between nature and urbanism. Geneva has a long history of diversity and tolerance, and houses many of the world organization headquarters such as ISO, World Trade Organization and many more. The city has an ideal location at the heart of Europe.

What are the functions of the Geneva office?

The Geneva office is the regional hub of the Pulp division for Europe and Africa. Over the past years we have also developed into the fields of biomass and energy. Being a regional hub means we can be a central office for various synergies within Europe for other CellMark divisions. Our teams network with most of the European market including the Mediterranean area, North Africa, Lebanon and Turkey. Beyond the Pulp division, our office also provides credit management support globally to both the Chemicals and Metals divisions.

What is a source of inspiration for you?

My parents. They have always encouraged me to transcend limits and barriers, and to push forward with an optimistic mindset. It may be a simple thing to say, but if you act on it every day you are constantly moving towards a better future. When thinking about my parents, a proverb comes to mind: “We can give two things to our children: roots and wings.”

Charlotte Rodriguez

Back office sales, Pulp Division



What makes my daily work interesting is that there is no ”normal day”. Every day is different as my purpose is to do personal service, trying my best to satisfy customers and suppliers. I have to adapt my work to the needs of each day.

For example, I can work for biomass in the morning, switch to letter of credit for North Africa, go to the post office after lunch, then check some container arrivals and order coffee for the office in the afternoon. And of course have some moments of fun with my colleagues in between.

We are a small team organizing daily tasks from A to Z. Most of us have been working together for 10 years and know each other very well. I would say that our team is defined by its moral values and sense of reality. These things bring about a personal and professional respect which give me comfort and courage. I am never alone facing a difficult case. Any of us can submit a problem to the team and we find a solution together, exchanging different ideas and points of view. I find it very energizing.

I feel absolutely free to ask any questions without judgement. This creates an environment where you’re never afraid to bring up a new idea, really favoring creativity. I feel that CellMark allows me to be myself in a continuous learning experience. I regard some of the work I do to be ”custom made”, letting me add my own personality to what I do, and creating added value benefitting our customers and suppliers.

The pursuit of solutions is what keeps me motivated. Taking in the surroundings and adapting to unknown situations, listening and accepting to learn from anyone. It’s important for me to stay curious and alert. I can do that by allowing myself to say ”sorry, I do not understand, please explain,” and learn from the team I work with. Even after 10 years working for CellMark I still have much to learn. To me it is a part of personal growth.

Charlotte Rodriguez

Geneva, Switzerland

A NEW DAY IN New York 2017.01.17


New York, USA

NAME Liz Rainone

POSITION Paper Division, Accounting Department


What do you do at the Norwalk office?

The divisions represented at the Norwalk office are Paper, Recycling, and Pulp. There is also the business unit CellMark Graphics. I am in the accounting department of the Paper division. This means handling daily entry and application of cash receipts, research payment discrepancies, notification of paper discrepancy to Inside Sales Reps – among many other things. I am also involved in PaperSeed.

What gives you energy in life?

I would say my volunteer work at the Stamford Hospital. I have been volunteering there for the last two years, along with my colleague Lisa Ferretti. We do massage therapy for patients, which helps to promote faster healing for the patients along with helping them relax and giving them companionship. We also provide NODA (No One Dies Alone). This program is for patients that are near death, usually 12–24 hours from passing. We sit with patients that either do not have family or have very few family members that can't be with their family member. Lisa and I sit with these patients, just to be present with them. These two programs to me are very rewarding and inspire me to continue helping people.

And at work?

What keeps me motivated and inspired is knowing that hard work pays off. 14 years and l'm still here. CellMark is as great of a place to work at today as it was 14 years ago and I consider myself very lucky.

Liz Rainone

Paper Division, Accounting Department


New York

Before joining CellMark I was an at-home mom raising triplets. When they started kindergarten I started working here part-time, and have been here since. My kids are all in college now but when they still lived at home I would say my real job started when I got off work!

A lot of us here at the Norwalk office have worked together for many, many years. We all contribute to making this a fun workplace, like our Ugly Sweater contest, our cookie exchange and our bowling parties. We’ve just started a Biggest Loser weight loss competition, working as a team to get healthy and encourage each other with a bit of friendly competition thrown into the mix.

The team I work with is awesome. My boss, Dominick, may be very busy most of the time, but his door is always open for us. My colleague Silvia and I are always there to back each other up if either of us need to take vacation or just a day off. She is always there to answer any questions I have. The other people in the accounting department are just as helpful. They are a great group of people and I am very lucky to work with them.

Besides my duties in the accounting department I also participate in the PaperSeed Foundation, a non-profit organization that CellMark supports in many ways. My involvement in the PaperSeed foundation is to help organizations in our local area, for example doing Back to School drives for the Open Door Shelter where we provide clothes, supplies, backpacks and other necessities.

Working with the PaperSeed foundation we have also helped with Christmas at the Malta House for the children and their moms. We get their wish list for the children and moms and get as many items as possible to make their holiday memorable. We've done a golf event to raise money for Project Music. It is a local organization that supplies free musical instruments and free music lessons to children in need. All the work I put in is so worth it when you see the look on all the kids faces. It truly is priceless!

Liz Rainone

New York, USA

A NEW DAY IN Paris 2016.12.22


Paris, France

NAME Joe Lam



What do you do in your daily work?

I am in charge of the Health & Personal Care and especially the pharmaceutical industries. We are importing and distributing specialty chemicals that go into daily consumers’ goods like face cream, toothpaste, hair gel, deodorant, etc. One of our key priorities is to monitor executions, identify and manage risks of current projects (quality, traceability, logistic, regulatory support, forex risk, toll manufacturing). I am constantly looking at developing new projects for our clients and enhancing our products’ portfolios and suppliers’ bases.

So not just trading then?

Exactly. Our clients come to us not only for sourcing new molecules but especially when they have problems to solve! We are more of a service provider than a mere chemical distributor. Our priorities are to develop tailor-made solutions (blending, formulations, milling, repacking, etc.) to our clients, hence creating more added-values.

What is the Paris office like?

Fun fact: our small but cozy office is perfectly situated in term of ‘Feng Shui’! Lightly-bright, south-oriented and cornered office looks over the beautiful Avenue Charles de Gaulle – a principal artery of the city that runs from the East (La Défense) to the West (Les Champs Elysées).

Joe Lam




- A normal day at the office starts with a croissant and pain au chocolat from the bakery downstairs, and then checking the Euro against the USD. A normal day at the office also means I am actually at the office and not on a plane or train to somewhere! I consider the group of people I work with to be pretty much a dream team. Knowledgeable, fun and supportive they all contribute to a smooth workflow where we can all focus on our own responsibilities.

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. While most of my peers pursued postgraduate studies in countries like the States, Canada or Australia, fate led me to France instead. I was granted a scholarship and continued my studies in Paris. Hence I am triple Franco-Chinese-’British colony’ culture. I speak all languages with accents except my mother tongue Cantonese. In regards to culture, arts and cuisine I am more French, but definitely 100% Chinese when I am doing business.

Having worked with grains and oil-seeds trading, and then cosmetic packaging, I got the opportunity to join CellMark in 2006. I’m still grateful to the management for trusting that a five-legged sheep (as they would say in French) who used to deal with beauty packaging could also handle complex molecules like 2-Phenoxypropionyl Chloride or Hexamethyldisiloxane.

Getting to know Paris has been a bit of an adventure. The city has a surface area of 100 km², consisting of 20 districts and more than 6,000 streets. My dream is to cover all 1,000 km of these streets – I have finished 8 districts already. During weekends I will go city-trekking and discover all these Paris-secret places.

For example, I have been to more than 180 museums and many of the unknown ones are very interesting. Like the Counterfeit museum, the Chocolate Story museum and the museum of Fairground Arts. Another hidden gem is the catacombs that form a labyrinth 20 meters beneath the very heart of Paris.

I will gladly be a tour guide for any visiting CellMark colleagues. Other than that, my advice for any visitors or tourists is: don’t hesitate to push front doors or gates, and you will discover many beautiful and unexpected backyards, gardens, cemeteries and other places you never knew existed.

Joe Lam

Paris, France

A NEW DAY IN Istanbul 2016.12.21


Istanbul, Turkey

NAME Tuğba Doğan

POSITION Basic Chemicals / Rubber Department


What is Istanbul like?

Cosmopolitan Istanbul is a meeting place of cultures, and has been for centuries. I’m in love with the city for many reasons. It is steeped in history, tradition and culture while the modern lifestyle of today is going on. You can have your breakfast in Asia overlooking Europe and then have lunch in Europe overlooking Asia. Istanbul also has a very important strategic location when you consider the business line. Especially being a natural bridge between the East and the West it is getting a larger share of international trade every year by attracting many multi-national companies.

What do you do?

I am working as Product Manager of Rubber Chemicals under Basic Chemical division. I am responsible for the supply chain, marketing and sales of carbon blacks, synthetic rubbers and special rubber additives. I am always in touch with the customers for their regular orders and I make negotiating periodically and visit them in order to discuss actual company status and monitor possible new business opportunities.

What is it like to work at CellMark?

I feel that Cellmark is a very humanistic company. Every member of the company is important and there are no strong hierarchical boundaries. Every member of the company is supportive, we listen and promote open dialogues and treat each other with great respect.

Tuğba Doğan

Basic Chemicals / Rubber Department



– After graduating university with a degree in Chemical Engineering I spent three years working as a sales engineer at different companies. Then one day I ran into Ersin Alkan (Division President of Basic Chemicals) and he mentioned CellMark’s new project with rubber chemicals, especially for carbon black. Hearing about it made me very excited and without losing any time I decided to join CellMark. That is one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

CellMark is a company where everyone is an entrepreneur. Every member of the company is encouraged to bring new ideas to the table, and change is always welcome. Gaining the trust of our customers and suppliers – and maintaining our reliability – is very important to CellMark. Meeting set targets within deadlines really motivates me and gives me a sense of accomplishment. It gives me energy to keep going.

Believing that something can happen is the first step to making it happen. I use mediation to realize my dreams and connect to my inner voice. Concentrating on my breathing only, it helps me to control my thoughts and contemplate my desires. Additionally, my daily meditations give me the opportunity to reset myself each evening and find the necessary energy removing all the struggles for the next day.

Another thing to keep the creativity flowing is putting your own touch on the work space. As long as it is okay for all colleagues, I believe that making your work environment more fun and homey can make a big difference. I have a small garden near my desk. White, yellow and purple orchid flowers are the queens of my garden, and there is also some special kind of cactus – violets. Spraying water on their leaves and touching their potting soil is really relaxing and helps me clear my head.

We have a cat in our office named Corsy. During one morning traffic jam, I found her on the road, terrified and cold. She was 1,5 month old and I took her to our office that morning. While I was looking for a warm home for her, my colleagues made a democratic vote and wanted to care for her in our office, which made me very happy. Now she is our mascot!

Tuğba Doğan

Istanbul, Turkey

A NEW DAY IN New York 2016.11.21


New York, USA

NAME Lisa Ferretti

POSITION Executive Assistant, Paper Division


What do you do in your daily work?

My role is the Executive Assistant to the Executive team located here in our office. My day to day focuses are assisting the team with clerical, projects, etc. Travel, car services, meetings and expenses. I also organize all parties, in the office and out of the office, as well as any outings, either local or abroad. Pretty much anything and everything that makes the team’s life easier. A lot of my job is subject to confidentiality which I of course take very seriously, and have been named “the Vault” by my superiors.

How would you describe the team you’re working with?

Well, this company is filled with kind, flexible, supportive, compassionate, fun, and hard working people. We all have the goal to succeed as a first priority, and enjoy the journey to get there along the way. There are many colleagues working in my division that have been with this company for the 20 years that I’ve been here, or even longer. In my opinion that speaks volumes.

20 years – don’t you drive each other crazy?

Not at all! A bunch of us more or less grew up working for this company and would have never stayed as long as we did if the company wasn’t great. We have been together about half of our lives. We have been through many birthdays, weddings, purchases of new homes, births of children, as well as sad times too. I feel that this group has formed a very special bond. To me, this core group is an extension of my family. We all care deeply for one another. This is a very unique group in my opinion.

Lisa Ferretti

Executive Assistant, Paper Division


New York

– I live in Stamford, about 20 minutes by car to our office location in Norwalk. Having two school age children, it is nice to know that I can be home as quickly as possible if need be. Stamford is like a mini Manhattan so it is very busy place. I’ve lived there all my life and will probably never move away as I love my city.

For two years now I have been volunteering at the Stamford Hospital on Monday nights. I am part of the Tender Touch team which offers patients the gift of touch. I go to patients of all situations and cases. Some are very sick, some have just come out of surgery, some are pregnant or in ICU and about to pass away. My favorite department is the Mental Illness wing as those people are pushed to the side because others are afraid to go in there. Those people need touch and communication just as any other patient in that hospital and they look for me every single week.

The feeling that I leave with every Monday evening after working with the patients is more rewarding than anything that I have ever done. This is my passion, and my quest is to make as many people as I can in my lifetime feel special and to know that they are not alone.

I am also part of the NODA team which is the “No one dies alone” program at the hospital. I have been trained to sit with people who have 72 to 24 hours to live that have no family or friends. I offer comfort to these people at their dying hour. It is very intense but once again an incredible gift to carry.

At work I am inspired by the faith and trust that my colleagues and bosses have toward me to do whatever task I am given. To see their smiles and know that they had a nice time at, let’s say, a holiday party or a successful meeting makes it worth all the effort. Knowing that things went well in the end and all my hard work paid off motivates me to work even harder.

I ended up working for CellMark 20 years ago when we were still “Perkins Goodwin”. I got the job through a temp agency and my title started out as front desk receptionist. I had a switch board to answer with more lines than I could even imagine. There was no voice mail, no direct lines, no scanners, and no internet. The funny thing was when I started the job, about a couple of weeks into it I said to myself that I would stay at this job for a year and then move on. Well, it’s been 20 years now…

Lisa Ferretti

New York, USA

A NEW DAY IN San Francisco 2016.11.17


San Francisco, USA

NAME Anneli Paulsson

POSITION Accounting


What divisions are represented at the San Rafael office?

Packaging & Recycling. Our Packaging division offers full-service marketing of containerboard and sack kraft, assist with documentation, finance and administration management for its global mill partners and customers. The Recycling division has a large network of offices and material recovery facilities engaged in buying, selling, producing, financing and transporting recyclables across the globe. I work in the Accounting department, primarily supporting the Packaging and Recycling divisions.

When are you having the most fun at work?

I just experienced my first picnic – which was a lot of fun and a really nice and memorable day spent with my co-workers on a catamaran on the bay. Besides that, it’s always very rewarding when you meet deadlines, or solve a task with your team that you have been struggling with for a while. It can be as simple as a bank reconciliation with no reconciling items – or an AR aging with no outstanding balances in the >90 days bucket. I know – I’m a nerd!

What is something that other companies can learn from CellMark?

CellMark was founded by entrepreneurs who set the tone for the entire organization. The focus is on possibilities and opportunities rather than the windy and sometimes long road to get there.

Anneli Paulsson



San Francisco

– When I was fresh out of college with a Master’s degree in Business Administration, I joined a certified public accounting firm in Gothenburg, Sweden. The firm just so happened to be CellMark AB’s auditors. I was put on the CellMark account and audited CellMark AB for six years, learning all about paper commodities, inco terms and FX contracts. Little did I know that this would be a more frequent element of my work life in the future.

After six years in Gothenburg, I decided that it was time to move on and see more of the world. Through CellMark AB, my firm had connections with CellMark Inc.’s auditors, Armanino LLP. In 2011 I joined Armanino and was put on the CellMark Inc.’s account, as I had CellMark “expertise”.

Then, after the audit in 2016 I was asked if I wanted to join the “other side” and it just felt like a natural step in my career. I didn’t have to do much due diligence. I already knew that CellMark was a great company to work for based on my 10 years of auditing them.

This is a very diverse and energetic office – many different nationalities and cultures are represented and we speak 15 different languages. Being service providers we always need to adjust to the changing world and market to stay in business. We always want to be one step ahead of the game to provide impeccable services to all our business partners.

But it’s also important to have fun. We spend many of our wakening hours at work – it becomes your second home – and there must be room for fun too. The people here love to bake and bring in to the office – and are also big on decorations. As we approach Halloween the office is filled with skeletons, witches, detached body parts and rats.

My motto has always been “I’d rather regret something that I did do – than I didn’t do”. Growing up I would always hear my grandmother say that she regretted buying my dad a moped instead of getting her own driver’s license. That’s when I decided I didn’t want to be old and look back and regret things that I never did. This took me all the way to California. Who knows where I’ll end up.

Anneli Paulsson

San Francisco, USA

A NEW DAY IN Miami 2016.11.14


Miami, USA

NAME James Dunne

POSITION Pulp & Paper


What does the Miami office do for CellMark’s business partners?

The Miami office focus is the sales of printing and writing papers in the Latin American market. The office provides a wide range of services from logistical to financing and sales. We also have representatives of the CellMark Merchant group, CellMark Packaging and CellMark metals. I have had a number of roles during my tenure with CellMark, each one affording me the opportunity to learn and grow along with the company.

When are you having the most fun at work?

I think the saying goes “If you love what you do, you will never have to work a day in your life.” I love what I do. Whether it is traveling the world, immersing myself in new cultures, meeting and dealing with new and old friends or spending time in the office with my colleagues who are my second family, I am ALWAYS having fun.

What is Miami like?

Miami is a special place to be during this period. It is a city that is literally growing its skyline and there is a new skyscraper going up in every direction. But what makes it a really special place is that Miami is redefining its identity, and diversity is its main characteristic. Pick any country in Latin America and I guarantee you I can find a substantial community living in Miami. But it is not just Latin America as there are many Europeans that are making Miami home as well: Swedes, Italians, French, Spanish, Finns, Russians, they are all here. Restaurants, we have them! Art, we have it! The art deco architecture, the beaches, the alligators, the fishing, the golfing and yes, the occasional day at the office.

James Dunne

Pulp & Paper



– My current focus, and favorite role to date, is sourcing North American publication papers for sale into the Latin American, European, Australian and Asian markets. This role has given me a unique and global perspective which I then impart to both our regional managers, our local managers and our manufacturing partners.

Challenge is what keeps me motivated. I especially love developing and expanding in new markets, learning and dealing with different cultures and personalities, or simply holding our ground in contracting markets. The challenge to find the right angle that will lead to success and long term business drives me to try harder.

As a child I travelled quite a bit and had the opportunity to live in Libya, Turkey, Italy and Spain; spending my formative years growing up by lake Garda in northern Italy and attending International schools.  Eventually I returned to the U.S. to attend university. After graduating I ended up in Philadelphia where I found a job working as an export manager for a job lot paper company.

One of my largest customers back then was a company called Pacfor. We developed an excellent relationship and after some twelve months I was asked to join the now newly named CellMark Paper Latin America. Still today my answer remains on my top 5 list of life’s mistakes; I declined the offer.

Luckily the guys at CellMark did not give up and six months later extended a second opportunity. This time I did not hesitate and in March of 1997 I joined CellMark and have never once looked back.

I believe CellMark can lead the way for other companies in more ways than just business. When I look at our sponsorship of the PaperSeed Foundation, it is a clear example of how a global corporate entity can give back to the communities in which it transacts.

I have watched PaperSeed grow from a simple idea to what it has become today. What impresses me most is not that CellMark takes a major interest in funding the foundation, but that its employees take an active role in promoting the expansion to as many countries as possible. CellMark is giving back to the community and that is an extremely important example for all companies to follow.

James Dunne

Miami, USA

A NEW DAY IN Düsseldorf 2016.11.11


Düsseldorf, Germany

NAME Elpidio Lopez



What is your background at how did you end up at CellMark?

I am Spanish but I was born and raised in France. In my early twenties I moved to Germany where I started a vocational training in International Trade. Alongside my studies I always had an interest in IT, thanks to my father – I pretty much grew up in the IT and electronic world. Anyway, two years after I graduated my International Trade studies, I got offered a job at CellMark’s IT department supporting the European Region. Ironically, since I never officially studied IT!

What does your day-to-day work entail?

I monitor and manage the network and connections between eight offices in Europe, and keep all hardware and software reliable. I try to avoid anything that can interfere in the daily work of my users by being one step ahead. This means that I am always looking for anything that could lead to issues, and also looking for anything that can make their life easier in the office.

What inspires you?

I have two sons, twins actually, and I have a lot of fun with them. I try to enjoy every minute I can spend with them. Having fun with them every day gives you easily a lot of positive energy. Work-related I would say problem solving. I cannot stop until I find a solution, and the satisfaction of have resolved an issue makes me happy.

Elpidio Lopez




– I started doing sports when I was 6, and never stopped. Sports allow me to disconnect form the world, so I can concentrate only on what I am doing at that moment. Since 1998 I am doing martial arts. I am now a 2nd DAN Black Belt in Ninjutsu and Kenpo, and I have the instructor level in Aikido and Capoeira. Martial arts help me a lot getting a great balance between the body and mind, which allows me to keep a cool head on possible stress moments.

In the IT world, you have to stay alert all the time since technology is improving and changing every day. Otherwise you can quickly fall behind. But when it comes to issues or problems, the result or the solution is what gives me the motivation. I cannot stop trying until I find it. And the satisfaction that comes at the end is really gratifying.

I think CellMark doesn’t regard the employees as just means to an end, like many companies do, but as persons. CellMark is trying to understand how those persons can do their daily work more efficient by having more fun and please doing it. I’m having the most fun when I get new tools or toys (hardware and software). I like to try new stuff that could help to improve the performance of the company network or that can make the daily work easier for my users.

Another perk that comes with my job is that I am in charge of different countries in Europe, which means using different languages. I speak seven different languages (French, Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, Italian and Japanese), and this job frequently gives me opportunities to use them (which is usually not the case in the IT world).

Although I work at a German office, we are a multicultural company. We have people here from all over the world. In addition, our office is a perfect place to have meetings where you can easily come from anyywhere in the world and have an enjoyable time. The airport is only 2 minutes away from the office by train, and you have direct flights to a lot of cities worldwide. If you stay longer, we are only 10–15 minutes away from the “Altstadt” (the old town in the center of Düsseldorf).

Elpidio Lopez

Düsseldorf, Germany

A NEW DAY IN Gothenburg 2016.11.09


Gothenburg, Sweden

NAME Magnus Lindberg

POSITION Pulp Division


What is Gothenburg like?

It’s a very pleasant city with beautiful surroundings. Not to mention the culinary experiences, the seafood here is amazing. The location and proximity to the sea has made our city famous for its fresh seafood – and for the same reasons Gothenburg has been an important place for trading throughout history. Thanks to the location of the city’s harbor, it has always been a perfect hub for Scandinavian forest companies to have trading companies here in Gothenburg handling their sales and logistics worldwide.

Tell us a bit about the Gothenburg office.

This is CellMark’s headquarters so most divisions are represented here; Pulp, Paper, Basic Chemicals, Packaging, and our Energy sub-division. The services we offer are mainly sales, marketing, logistics, and financial solutions – services covering a large part of the supply chain. I work in the Pulp division myself, dealing with new business development. I also trade pellets and caustic soda.

What keeps you motivated?

The challenges! When I’m challenged by our suppliers to find outlets for their products, or to solve supply issues for our clients. I’d rather be on the edge of my seat all day than never being challenged at all. It’s what keeps me going.

Magnus Lindberg

Pulp Division



– To me it’s very rewarding when the reason a customer wants to buy from us is that we’ve earned their trust. The same goes for when a supplier expressly shows their gratitude after we’ve solved a problem for them. That’s when I know that we have done our job well.

Developing businesses, new or existing ones, is a source of inspiration. I’m always interested in new things. I’m interested in change, basically. Changes often lead to new opportunities. And with the whole world as my playing field I’m always on the lookout for these opportunities.

A while back a UK based company came to us with a request. They run a coal power plant and were looking to switch from coal to wood pellets. The reason they came to us was that they needed a complete supply chain from the Baltic States. Since there wasn’t one in place we connected eight pellet producers and set up two storage facilities, one in Riga and one in Ventspils. The objectives for the UK company is to pick up shipments from these storage facilities once a month. That’s the kind of challenge that gets me going, and it was really inspiring making all these pieces fit together.

I grew up in Australia so I’ve always been used to having international working relationships. For example I spent four years working at the Swedish trade council in Canada. Maybe moving around has made me more open to change. When moving to a new city or a new country, the trickiest part has always been finding a new dojo! I’ve been practicing full contact karate since I was 16, and still do. I guess it’s not the most common sport for people over 50 but I love it. It gives me great self-reliance and a sense of harmony.

If I were to give advice to another company – partner or competitor – it would be to contemplate the expression ”good things come to good people.” We fulfill every contract, and strive to be an honest company. Even if a supplier fails to deliver, we buy from someone else just to deliver on the promise with the customer. I think we have attracted a lot of business just by showing that CellMark is a company that you can trust.

Magnus Lindberg

Gothenburg, Sweden