A NEW DAY WITH Philippe Gresko

POSITION Senior Sales Manager, Chemicals


BACK TO Krakow

─ I was born in Belgium, but all my family is originally from Poland. In my childhood, I spent 6,5 years in Brazil and 2 years in Indonesia, this was due to my father’s job. After I graduated in Belgium in 1999, I started my career as a financial auditor in Luxembourg with a “Big Five” accounting company. I liked finance, but my dream was to move to Poland and work in the industry, either in sales or purchasing.

In 2003, I made the step and got my first experience in sales and also purchasing with a Belgian company producing racking systems. In 2005, Alcan International Network, now CellMark, was looking for somebody to open an office in Poland, I felt that this was something for me, I applied and finally got the job. I started with the Metal division and was in charge of selling aluminium half-products. In 2010, I joined the Chemical division and today I am selling products in Central Europe. My role is to maintain the existing business and to develop new ones.

CellMark has been created and managed by very intelligent people who trust their teams. In my opinion, that is why CellMark has been a very successful company. This kind of trust is lacking in many companies. I have already heard from some of my customers or suppliers that they would love to join a company like CellMark.

One of my passions in life is environmental protection. This passion is something I share with my colleague Alina. Although Krakow is a nice city it has a problem with smog in the winter due to the fact that people still use coal for heating. Krakow will be the first city in Poland to ban coal and wood starting from 2019.  Me and Alina really look forward to this ban as it will for sure contribute to a better environment for our kids. 

What inspires me in life is my wife, my kids and my family. The are my first source of energy.  Meeting persons such as my colleagues or my customers who come from different horizons are also a source of energy for me. Being connected with them makes me happy. Thanks to them I am learning every day.