A NEW DAY WITH Michelle Staples

POSITION Packaging


BACK TO San Francisco

– I worked for an international furniture company, importing from Europe to the USA. I was initially hired to answer phones and help administratively, but quickly grew interested in furthering my scope within the company. When I was presented the opportunity to move into customer service I jumped at the chance, and from there I went into management of our service team, and then finally logistics. Which now I know was when I found my true passion.

Working at CellMark, I find myself using our guiding principles more and more in my meetings. They add a different spin to a meeting and brings attention to what we are doing now and how we can do business better, together. I’m also inspired by CellMark’s philosophy that we have the capability to make anything great, no matter how small it may seem.

I love the challenge of solving tough problems and setting end goals that we can work towards together. When my sales team comes to me with; “Michelle, get ready to be very busy – we’ve concluded a lot of volume and need you to ship immediately,” I get so pumped up!

The San Francisco Bay Area where I live and work is a hub of culture and natural beauty. You can go from surfing in the ocean to skiing in the mountains within a matter of hours. This micro-climate is unique. And admittedly annoying at times! Waking up to heavy fog and dressing accordingly, only to find yourself needing shorts and sandals by mid-day. But this allows us to have the beauty we do, redwood trees feeding from the fog, to the many vineyards where grapes thrive in the heat of the day as they ripen, preparing for harvest. I’m proud to be a native Northern Californian and living in the middle of wine country, and I love every day of it.