Lauds Foundry equipment manufactures a wide range of equipment for the foundry industry. The company originates from South Africa from where equipment is developed and sold for the local and far east market. Beginning of 2014 Lauds started a German subsidiary from where equipment is engineered and built for the European market.

Main product lines are mixers, mould handling equipment, multi loop/fast loop lines and sand reclamation plants for no bake applications and core making machines.

Lauds has designed and patented a Secondary Reclamation Plant. During the process the chemicals are removed, and the sand is then separated from the chemicals and sent through a fluidized chamber which agitates the material, enabling the lighter dust and resins to float and be extracted through a dust extraction system.

Lauds Secondary Reclamation allows for sand used in the foundry to have a longer life span, on average, reclaimed sand additions are in the region of 90% with only 10% virgin sand having to be added.

Lauds capabilities are turn key solutions – one single point of supply, from development, design manufacturing and commissioning.

CellMark Belgium acts as agent for Lauds in Benelux. We can advise you in close co-operation with Lauds making the right choice for the equipment and organize the best way to install it. We help you for services, preventive maintenance and supply or spare parts.

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Continous Sand Mixers

blue, red and black continuous sand mixer machine

Mould Handling Equipment

red and blue mould handling equipment

Primary Reclamation

blue, yellow and red primary reclamation machine

Secondary Reclamation

blue and red secondary reclamation machines