Financial Summary

coverpage and a spread of cellmark's financial summary 2023coverpage and a spread of cellmark's financial summary 2023

CellMark’s Financial Summary 2023 is now available. Get an overview of our performance, read about our divisions’ highlights, and our community support, and learn how we every morning face a new day to meet the challenges of a changing world in order to Surpass Expectations!

Theme: “Limitless”

The 2023 year’s summary comes with the theme “Limitless”. The reason behind this is simple. With our vision, Surpassing Expectations, in mind, every obstacle for us is viewed as a chance to triumph over adversity. This spirited mindset drives the essence of CellMark’s business. We have harnessed this youthful energy and “anything is possible” attitude to conquer every problem that comes our way. It is this unwavering belief that has propelled us to our current position of success.

Artists: Children of our employees

This year’s theme is expressed through drawings made by our employee’s children. The choice of artists was an easy one this year. Children often possess an innate belief in limitless opportunities, and they approach life with boundless curiosity and embrace challenges as mere steps to explore. We asked our employees’ children to create a drawing from their own limitless imagination, and the results we received were absolutely amazing. They draw themselves playing football with their sports idol, being a cat shaped like a heart, having candies raining from the sky, and flying a plane in the form of a seal. Just to mention a few examples. Their limitless thinking is so admirable.

The drawing featured on the cover page was made by Nhu Nguyen (alias Hana), 5 years old from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. She has painted herself, flying under a magic rainbow, as a girl with blue hair who gets pink wings from a fairy with green hair. With these wings, Hana can fly and feed the very tall giraffe with leaves in her hand. On the green lawn, her younger brother waits for her on the grass and two butterflies. Have you ever seen a more adorable artist?

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