Luxcarbon started in 1998 as a raw materials and trading company based in Duisburg where they have a warehouse 77.000 of m². Refurbished under the latest guidelines, the warehouse is used for storing finished products (mainly carburizers) for steel and foundry customers. These major storage facilities also allow deliveries with short lead times.

Wide service offering (crushing, drying, grading, packaging, mixing and storage).

Through having our own production facilities, we are better able to influence product quality, maintain a high level of customer service and quickly react to customer needs.

ISO 9001 certified.


Luxcarbon processes calcined petroleum coke, petroleum coke, green and calcined anthracite, graphite, anode scrap, metallurgical coke and other carbon materials in its own production facilities. These products are used as alloys and carburizers in foundries and steelworks.

Raw materials

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Storage and packaging

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