MFG is a competent supplier of raw materials to foundries, steel works, alloy producers, refractory producers and other industries. As a producer and trader they offer a broad product portfolio with the main focus on metals, pig iron, ferro alloys, cupola furnace briquettes and silicon carbide.

Since its startup in 2004, MFG has been a reliable partner to CellMark for many of its foundry products like pig iron, silicon carbide and cupola furnace briquettes. Their team of experienced and dedicated personnel based in Meerbusch and CellMark’s knowledge of the foundry industry and metallurgy has proven to be a successful combination in order to offer the best service and products to our customers in Benelux and Denmark.


The products we deal with are mainly meant for the iron foundry industry. These comprise mainly:

  • high purity and nodular Pig Iron
  • Mn, SiC, Si en P briquettes
  • Silicon Carbide – Supersic®
  • and all kinds of ferro alloys for the foundry industry

CellMark is offering the complete metallurgical assistance in order to use the right products and raw materials for the final casting that needs to be produced.

Furnace Briquettes

five grey cupola furnancebriquettes

Pig Iron

close-up of a pig iron


close-uo of siliciumcarbid (sic)