We strongly encourage you always to raise concerns and questions if you become aware of anything that you believe might be in breach of CellMark’s Code of Conduct or just something that does not feel right.  All employees have an obligation to speak up if there is something that genuinely worries you to protect yourself, your colleagues and CellMark.

Our Whistleblowing principles are stated in our Code of Conduct (internal reporting) and Code of Conduct for Business Partners (external parties)

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How to speak up and raise your genuine concerns

What can I report?

Observed or suspected misconduct or incidents that would be:

  • A breach of applicable legislation
  • A breach of CellMark’s Code of Conduct, corporate policies, directives or guidelines
  • Of public interest to expose
  • Attempts to conceal such violations.

or that could in any way damage CellMark’s reputation.

You should not report

  • Complaints regarding commercial disagreements or disputes, or employee negotiations
  • Complaints on matters which do not constitute misconduct
  • Rumors

Whom can you report to?

Your manager, or another manager in your Division or your contact at CellMark

As a first instance, you should discuss the issue with your manager or, if the concern relates to your manager, with another manager within your Division.

CellMark’s Whistleblowing Platform

CellMark’s Whistleblowing Platform is operated by an independent third party and provides an option to report anonymously.


Alternatively, you can contact the Vice President of ESG & Compliance

If you have any questions, or would like to raise a concern or a report, you are always free to reach out directly to our Vice President of ESG & Compliance.

E-mail: compliance@cellmark.com

Phone: +46 70-673 66 14

Post mail:
CellMark AB
Attn: Vice President ESG & Compliance
P O Box 11928, SE-404 39 Gothenburg, Sweden

External reporting

In some countries, you may report to competent external whistleblowing authorities under certain circumstances.  For example, in Sweden, you can reach out to the authorities listed in this document.

The principles guiding our approach to speaking up and whistleblowing

Expectation to raise concerns & cooperate

As a member of CellMark you are expected to report any misconduct or incident that has (or may have) or is likely to occur whenever you suspect or receive information about it.

Similarly, members of CellMark, and business partners to the group (through the provisions in the Code of Conduct for Business Partners), must remain truthful and cooperative in any potential involvement in an internal investigation.

No retaliation

​​​​​​​Retaliation against any employee who reports a concern in good faith about illegal or unethical conduct will not be tolerated and will be subject to disciplinary action.

Investigation of the reports

All whistleblowing reports are taken seriously and will be assessed and, when relevant, investigated according to the principles of fairness and confidentiality towards all involved parties.

Confidentiality of the reports

Without restricting any right under applicable law, information linked to a whistleblowing report will be kept strictly confidential and be shared on a strict need to know basis.

Processing of personal data

Any personal data collected and used in connection with a report will be processed in-line with applicable legislation.