Cross-Selling our Services at NYSCC

Like many CellMark professionals, Andy Clark and Mark D’Augelli of CellMark Graphics have worked hard to figure out ways to cross-sell their services with other CellMark divisions. Identifying these opportunities is a challenge, but when they work, they create real value for the organization. CellMark has had cross-selling success in the past with the Walgreen’s coupon booklets and Flambeau River Papers, a mill that buys raw materials from both CellMark Pulp and CellMark Recycling, and uses CellMark Paper to move its paper to customers.

Cosmetics Marketing project

Recently, Andy and Mark engineered what could turn out to be an exceptional partnership with CellMark Chemicals, a division that frequently works with the cosmetics industry. As it happens, CellMark Graphics has introduced a new vertical – the Cosmetics Marketing Project–to target cosmetics companies, as they often are very willing to spend on promotional programs and items.


Promo Video for Cosmetics Companies

Last month, Andy’s team introduced a remarkable promotional item designed for cosmetics companies: a cosmetics package that includes makeup samples, as well as a self-contained short video, embedded into a mirror in the lid, which shows the best ways to apply the makeup. He then teamed with Hugo Galetta, the president of CellMark Chemicals, and nabbed a spot at the New York Society of Chemists Chemical Show in Edison, New Jersey.

At the show, Andy and Mark were able to demonstrate the video product to dozens of cosmetics organizations, many of which were extremely interested. He and Mark, along with Chemicals professionals Karlten Wong, Sandra Fabrizio, Gabriela Cessario, Wendy Synan, Zina Rivera, and Alexis Christmas, explained the benefits of the decidedly high-end promotional video.

“It is a real difference-maker, from a promotional standpoint, and it led to about 75 very solid, quality leads, which we have already begun pursuing,” Andy said. “Hugo’s group was an incredible help to our team, and although it has not yet led to any business, we expect several successes. It was a great example of how cooperation among divisions can be extremely beneficial.”

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