Our Teams Bring Home Innovative Ideas and Business Leads

At CellMark we see more and more often that cross-divisional work pays off. A recent example of this is the DrincTex exhibition in Munich mid September. After 5 days of exhibiting our two team CellMark Technology and CellMark Chemicals both “brought home” innovative ideas and business leads.

The DrinkTec exhibition in Munich is the world´s leading trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry with over 1,500 exhibitors and around 67,000 visitors. Drinctec turned out to be a great networking event.  CellMark’s Technology team was represented by Jonathan Östergren Bööj, Ulf Sjödin and Martin Skoger. With the slogan “TURNING RESIDUES INTO NEW PRODUCTS” they demonstrated innovative solution of valorising biological residues. These solutions were met with very positive attraction from the industry which created new possible leads.

One valuable takeaway is the collaboration between our two teams, Technology and Chemicals. CellMark Chemicals divisional representatives also present at the fair, Frédéric Roquefeuil, Hyoungjun Ahn, Rick Schatz, Friedrich Grothe and Sarah-Lisa Wendt, all showed stunning cross-divisional support where many new synergetic innovative ideas emerged, something we will definitly see more of in future.



Jonathan Östergren Bööj


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