Basic Chemicals Team at the AFPM’s International Petrochemical Conference

Five members of our Basic Chemicals team recently attended the AFPM’s annual International Petrochemical Conference in San Antonio, Texas. We met delegates from a variety of companies. Attendance at events like these are crucial to increase possibilities to connect with the world market and to be able to present the value that we can bring to an organization.

Our international presence and flexibility seemed to be a key point that customers and suppliers both focused on as we presented the strengths of CellMark’s platform.

These meetings are also great opportunities to meet with far flung colleagues and collaborate on new ideas about how we can do business together. Overall, the meeting was a success and some collaboration with new clients has started as direct result of the meetings.


American Fuel and Petrochemicals Manufacturers, AFPM, is a trade association representing high-tech American manufacturers of the entire U.S. supply of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, other fuels and home heating oil, as well as the petrochemicals used as building blocks for thousands of vital products in daily life. Learn more about AFMP here.



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