CellMark Recycling

CellMark Recycling, with its business partners, continues to expand into new areas and methods that increase its supply base, while reducing demand for the numerous raw materials and energy required in traditional papermaking. The following case studies illustrate our approach.

Landfill optimization

The organization has recently equipped and financed construction of a materials recovery facility on the Duquesa landfill in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. This facility will divert 4,000 metric tons per month of paper and plastics from the landfill, which will extend its life. Additionally, it will provide numerous jobs for the local community and enhance the quality of life in the area.

Furthermore, CellMark Recycling has worked with its shipping partners to establish a streamlined, high-efficiency logistics model that benefits all parties involved. The materials recovery system is a strong example of CellMark Recycling’s commitment to the “three pillars of sustainability,” i.e., the communities in which it does business, the environment, and its business partners. This trio is also known as “People, Planet, and Profit.”

Thanks to the materials recovery efforts, the Duquesa facility is indeed a working landfill, rather than a “city dump.”

Strategic waste management

Additionally, CellMark Recycling has created a closed-loop, zero-waste consulting program www.cellmarkwastestream.com that can make a significant difference in the ways organizations approach waste generation and management. The initiative began with newspaper publishers, but has been modified to work for commercial printers, the US Postal Service, office complexes and retailers.

It includes a rapid and accurate assessment of an entity’s waste generation — the Recycling Division tells companies precisely how much waste they create, and how much of it can be reused, recycled, limited or eliminated. The assessment also clearly shows the potential impact of “zero-waste” initiatives, and the people, processes and technologies required to create transformational solutions.

In addition to reduced handling costs and enhanced revenues, the program has helped numerous companies achieve their “green” goals, while alerting several others of the need to improve. When companies need to manage waste more efficiently, CellMark Recycling professionals provide a detailed roadmap showing them precise and effective techniques. The methods are so effective, CellMark Recycling guarantees a 25 percent increase in recycling-related revenue, as well as significant reduction of garbage output.