Visiting one of the biggest Maersk vessels

Earlier in March, some of our colleagues from the Gothenburg office had the pleasure to take a tour inside of the container ship Moscow MaerskWith a size of 400 meters and a capacity of +19 000 TEU, Moscow Maersk is one of the biggest Maersk vessels in use.

The tour started in the captain’s booth, where the captain gave some insights on vessel operation and the life at sea.

The captain has also responsibilities as a doctor on the vessel. After many hours of training he is capable to perform advanced first aid, including even stitching and tooth repairing.

The crew on Muscow Maersk consists of 24 people from Denmark, Philippines and India. Their several months of work in deep waters alternates with several months on the land. The longest shift is limited to 5 months.

Our employees also got a chance to take a look at leisure facilities for the crew on the vessel – small and cozy cinema, swimming pool on the deck, gaming room and even the gym. Each member of the crew has a separate room, small but modern, equipped with a bed, a table and a bathroom.

The vessel departs from Gothenburg and heads to Asia via Denmark and Germany. The next stop for Moscow Maersk is Århus. This is where the captain leaves the watch, reunites with his family and enjoys several months of free time, before the next shift calls upon.

Wisiting Muscow Maersk was a really exciting experience for our Swedish employees. A special day at work worth remembering!

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