PaperSeed’s Recycled Materials Art Competition has finally returned!

illustration for RMAC 2020illustration for RMAC 2020

Recycled materials + art = true!

We are happy to share that our partner, the PaperSeed Foundation, recently announced the return of the popular Recycled Materials Art Competition (RMAC) for Spring 2020.

Promoting recycling and reuse of materials emphasizing creativity and innovation, the competition is an opportunity for elementary schools in Marin County, California to learn more about recycling, responsible use of resources, and sustainable living through creative exploration. The goal is to raise public awareness and support of educational programming focused on recycling, reducing, and reusing of materials, while building strong coalitions between community stakeholders in education, sustainability, and the arts. A $500 classroom mini-grant will be awarded to the teacher of each winning student or group.

Help us to share the registration link with a great teacher that you think should challenge her or his students in the 2020s most sustainable and artsy competition. Thank you!



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