PaperSeed Foundation’s response to COVID-19

Given the current global pandemic, our partner PaperSeed Foundation has put together a report, summarizing what they are doing in response to the unprecedented number of children out of school. Also in these times, PaperSeed continues their mission to strengthening educational opportunities for children and young people. As always, we are proud to be a partner to PaperSeed, and we feel grateful for all the efforts they do in order to make a difference.

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page of paperseed foundation'd covid-19 report

Join the support of PaperSeed

We invite our business partners to join us in our support of the PaperSeed Foundation. Let’s unite and strengthen educational opportunities for children around the world. With PaperSeed and local community-based organizations, we have a unique opportunity to create a deep and lasting impact in underserved communities, and to enhance children’s lives.


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