CellMark ranked as 3rd largest US Exporter 2020

container vessel at the oceancontainer vessel at the ocean

We are pleased to share that CellMark, according to the Journal of Commerce’s annual Top 100 US Exporters ranking 2020, was the 3rd largest exporter via ocean container transport, with 191,280 TEU.*

The list is restricted to shippers — beneficial owners of containerized cargo that entered or exited US ports by ocean vessel during 2020 — and do not include shippers associations, carriers, non-vessel operating common carriers, forwarders or brokers, third-party logistics providers, banks, or “to-order” negotiable bills of lading, or data falling under privacy strictures. International export cargoes moving out of the US via air, rail, or truck also are not included.

For the year 2019, CellMark was ranked 48th place in the same list, and for 2018 8th place.


Please note that access requires free registration at joc.com.

*TEU is the most common measurement of containerized ocean shipping. One standard 40-foot ocean container equals two TEU.

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