CellMark Joins Two Sides North America

CellMark Paper has joined Two Sides North America, the non-profit organization that promotes and encourages the responsible production, use, and sustainability of print and paper. Two Sides has dozens of member organizations, including several Paper Division suppliers. Members can avail themselves of an enormous—and constantly growing—trove of information about forest products sustainability.

In addition, Two Sides has become skilled at pressuring companies and government entities to eliminate “greenwashing” language from billing statements, such as those urging customers to “Save a tree. Go Paperless.” High-profile companies such as Starbucks and Verizon (and many others) have dramatically altered messaging on envelopes after being contacted by Two Sides.


“Two Sides is very proud to welcome CellMark Paper, a leading global paper distributor, to our growing network of member companies. CellMark is an excellent ‘corporate citizen,’ and has active sustainability and social responsibility programs,” said Two Sides North America President Phil Reibel.

The Two Sides leader is clearly very willing to support members: In early May, he traveled from Northern New Brunswick to Orlando to deliver a presentation at a CellMark Paper team meeting. He also hung around for more than a day, interacting with his new members, and continuously participating in side discussions with Paper employees from all over the world. He asked those to send examples of greenwashing they receive in the mail, such as a credit card bill that says “Help the environment. Pay electronically.”

Reibel and his team then contact these organizations—through letters, phone calls, and/or social media—which often initiates significant changes in their customer communications. He said some companies, like Blackhawk Bank in Wisconsin, eagerly and graciously eliminate greenwashing. Others never acknowledge Two Sides, but make the changes just the same. Still others simply ignore Two Sides’ efforts to contact them.

As the organization grows, however, it gains momentum; ignoring Two Sides will not work for long. (In fact, by law in Canada, companies must at least respond to Two Sides letters.)

TwoSides_BannerAn excellent fit

Clearly, CellMark Paper can gain from its membership with Two Sides, which, incidentally, includes opportunities for participation on a variety of committees. As more people get involved, dispelling commonplace myths about the forest products industry becomes easier.

Mike McKee, an Executive VP with the Paper Division, said the partnership with Two Sides helps both organizations’ efforts to bolster paper markets while strengthening global forestlands. In addition, the Two Sides message about the social and environmental features of print and paper is a great fit with the PaperSeed Foundation.

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