A word from our President

“Unpredictable” is the most accurate word used to describe the year 2022. Feelings of surprise, fear, worry, relief, success, uncertainty, and gratitude were all felt on occasion throughout the year. We empathize with those who have suffered in 2022, and while more needs exist than could be filled, I am pleased at the reach and financial support that was made available through our charity unit, CellMark Cares. Giving back will always be an important part of the CellMark culture.

Operationally, 2022 has been our Group’s strongest year. All our five company divisions contributed to this fantastic result. It is amazing to see how we helped our customers’ and suppliers’ businesses grow and flourish. Their success is how we measure ours.

As in past years, we continued to grow our business – slowly and consciously, closely related to our core competencies. We will continue to seek opportunities to expand those core competencies and grow these areas going forward. As a part of this strategy, we created a new dedicated position to work with Strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions. A good investment that aligns well with our company’s direction.

We also dedicated more resources to Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives during the year. With a new, well-experienced Vice President of ESG & Compliance onboard, we are ready to meet the continuously increasing requirements of these important matters.

We invested in a new and modern Learning Management System (LMS) for CellMark Academy to ensure a stable and long-term learning pathway for our employees. A good LMS platform is key to ensuring that important knowledge and competence is regularly spread throughout the company.

Before ending this review of 2022, I want to, as always, express my heartfelt appreciation and thanks to our customers, suppliers, and our dedicated employees who all contributed to the year’s success. The reason behind CellMark’s prosperity is great partners and great people. Thank you!

Christer Simrén,
President & CEO