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CellMark’s logo is comprised of two basic elements. The word CellMark and the double tree symbol. The logo and all its constituent parts should always be used as shown here (1). The double tree symbol generally appears in color, but if considered necessary the logo can be reproduced as a white (2) or black (3) line image.

1. The corporate logo

CellMark Logo
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3. Black logo

CellMark Logo Black
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Style Guide

Our style guide is designed to bring a uniform tone to the diversity that makes us who we are. One world. One CellMark. Contact us for access to our style guide.

Annual Report

CellMark’s Annual Report 2018 is now available. Get an overview of our performance, read about our division’s marketing highlights, our community support and learn how we every morning face a new day to meet the challenges of a changing world in order to surpass expectations!

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Fredrica Olsson

Information & Media Coordinator
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Old IT hardware turned into charitable funds


In our Gothenburg HQ, we recently recognized a lot of old laptops, tablets, phones, screens and other computer hardware that were not in use. We asked ourselves: How can we, ...


CellMark Novato office collects backpacks for kids in need


It’s back to school season in the United States. A typical tradition for U.S. children is shopping for a new backpack and getting all of the supplies they need for ...


The History of Paper


How often do you write your notes on a piece of bamboo or silk? Probably quite seldom. But the fact is, before the invention of paper, the Chinese people used both bamboo and ...

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