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CellMark’s Paper division cultivates key strategic relationships with suppliers and mills throughout the world to provide clients with the full spectrum of papers, including newsprint, supercalendared, coated groundwood, coated freesheet, and a variety of paperboards for graphic use. It also provides converted paper products and rewinding services, as well as a full print services.

Based in South Norwalk, Connecticut, USA, the division has offices in Miami, Singapore and Gothenburg, Sweden, which handle Latin America, Asia, and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, respectively. It has strong presence in North America, with Canada as a rapidly growing, highly strategic region. In short, the sun never sets on CellMark Paper, which handles more than 1 million tons of paper annually.

Extensive market intelligence

From its well established global locations, CellMark Paper provides the full range of service solutions, including paper sales, logistics, risk management, and trade finance,  to more than 800 clients in 70 countries. In addition to a vast network of sales offices, numerous international suppliers and agents support the division with extensive market intelligence, further enabling its ability to provide comprehensive service. Our vast network has also helped the division expand its global footprint.

CellMark Paper is committed for the long term to the forest products industry, and develops lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with partners. The CellMark Group has earned critical environmental certifications, including those from the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification and the Forest Stewardship Council.


The division promotes creativity and nurtures innovative deals with mills, converting facilities, and clients to help customers succeed in an increasingly volatile global marketplace. Moreover, the division continuously explores new and imaginative projects to enhance its capabilities and offerings to its customers.

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CellMark Paper

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