CellMark at the 1st Argus Asian Biomass Conference

This is a follow up to our previous communication that CellMark’s Asian Energy group participated in the first Argus Asian Biomass conference ever. CellMark signed up as a silver sponsor and Craig Jackson gave a presentation on the Supply Chain Management aspects of the pellet business in Asia. The conference took place in Singapore late June with attendees from across all interested parties in the Biomass sector in Asia. The main focus of the conference was the Korea Market for Biomass and the emerging market in Japan. Presenters included Japanese traders, Korean consumers and suppliers from Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

The main take away from the conference was that the growth in Korea will resume and grow to around 5 million tons per annum by 2020 with an emphasis on the higher quality,  which are very encouraging news for future biomass business in this area. Just as encouraging was the presentations on Japan where the current majority of Biomass is PKS, locally sourced wood from deconstruction and wood chips. The presentations forecast Japan quickly going to 5 million tons of Biomass and possible over 10 million tons by 2030 with increased percentage coming from wood pellets .

In conclusion, the consumption of Biomass is growing in Asia and CellMark see now that our efforts are timely, that we are well prepared for and in a position to be a major business partner surpassing expectations in the Biomass trade.

CellMark Energy Team.jpg

Appearance in top picture, standing from left to right: Doreen Lim, Wee Lee Tan, Craig Jackson, William Stroem, Tan Nguyen, and TJ Choi

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