Christer Simrén Appointed new CEO of CellMark


The Board of Directors of CellMark Investment AB has appointed Christer Simrén as new President and Chief Executive Officer of CellMark. Christer Simrén will be stationed in Gothenburg and start his new position in January 2019. Thomas Hedberg remains Chairman of the Board.

Founded in Gothenburg in 1984, CellMark has grown strongly and developed positively over the years. With a clear growth strategy for continued business development, we now welcome a management shift and a new CEO who sees the big picture with global vision combined with strong focus on results.

Christer Simrén previously held the position as COO and Executive Vice President of BillerudKorsnäs Group. He brings many years of experience from a successful career with leadership of rapid improvement, tune-up and turnaround of large-scale high-volume business organizations. Christer has proven leadership skills in managing complex organizations, sales, manufacturing and innovation. He has lead mergers, acquisitions and large negotiations and has experience working with people on all levels and to execute actions necessary for success.

Christer has extensive Board and Executive experience and has served as Member of Kinnevik Group Management, Executive Advisor for Accent Equity Partners, as COO and EVP at BillerudKorsnäs AB, as President and CEO at Korsnas AB, as President and CEO at Nordic Paper Bäckhammar AB and as MD and Founder of Mediabricks AB.

Christer has a PhD, i.e Dr Sc Industrial Management & Economics and a Master of Science in Business, Accounting and Finance and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

For more information please contact Christer Simrén, +46 707951110 or Ulrika Cornéer Sterner, Marketing Communications Manager, + 46 733802146.


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