CellMark Ingredients New Products Series – Magnafolate®

Leading up to Natural Products Expo West and SCIFTS we will be introducing some of our innovative new products. The second ingredient we will introduce is Magnafolate®.

Magnafolate® is a patented, crystallized form of L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate Calcium Salt. The patented C-Crystal form can take your folate supplements to the next level. When compared to competing folate products, Magnafolate® has shown better stability (2+years at room temperature), better particle size distribution, better dissolution, higher potency, and better bioavailability. With Magnafolate® NDI registered, its safety profile is just as strong.

For more information contact us at ingredients@cellmark.com or visit us at SCIFTS Table GR758

Mother with baby. Magnafolate is a form of folate, which is an ingredient of prenatal vitamins.

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