Our measures related to the Coronavirus COVID-19

At CellMark, we take the ongoing spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 very seriously. Therefore, we have taken comprehensive measures with the intent to secure the health and safety of our employees and, at the same time, maintain our business continuity to the greatest extent possible.

Business as (un)usual

At this time, we are pleased to confirm that our supply chain is fully operational. Despite these extraordinary circumstances, we continue to provide products, services, and solutions to our customers and suppliers all over the world.

In line with governmental recommendations, we have set up conditions so that most of our employees are able to continue their daily work from home. Our customers, suppliers, and partners will be able to reach their current contact person at CellMark as usual, with no change to e-mail address or phone number.

In other words, it’s mostly business as usual, but with alternative solutions.

Continuous assessments

Since the situation is changing rapidly, we are closely monitoring daily developments and proactively planning for new potential measures that may need to be taken quickly. We are continuously following governmental recommendations and adjust operations accordingly. Our major focus is to keep our business running, while maintaining the security and safety of our employees and partners.

Finally, we hope that you all out there are in good health. Stay safe, and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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