CellMark is introducing a new division: CellMark Basic Materials

Today, on September 1, 2020, CellMark is pleased to introduce a new division: CellMark Basic Materials. The division is the result of a merger of two existing divisions, CellMark Metals and CellMark Basic Chemicals. The aim of the new division is to combine the best of CellMark’s metals and basic chemicals competences in order to provide even more value to our customers and suppliers.

CellMark Basic Materials will trade and distribute a selected range of basic chemicals and metal products broadly used in common industries. The team of 65 professionals covers the markets on five continents, with a network of 22 offices. The division will be active in 45 countries with a continuous focus on developing the global footprint.

CellMark Basic Materials will be headed by Ersin Alkan, formerly Division President of CellMark Basic Chemicals. He strongly believes in the new division’s potential to deliver even more excellent support to all customers’ and suppliers’ trade and business operations.

“From the earth ores to final industrial products, the world of metals and basic chemicals are close and bonded in many fields. As one team, we will now be able to provide our business partners with basic chemicals and metals products under the same structure, with stimulated and more naturally bonded relationships, higher value added on logistic and trade finance, and better yielding”, says Ersin.


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