CellMark’s Financial Summary 2020 is here

Finally! Our Financial Summary 2020 is here! As always, this is not only a plain summary of our financial statements and highlights – it is also a unique artwork and a delight to the eye. 

Needless to say, 2020 was a very special year that had an immense impact on everyone and everything – professionally and personally. Therefore, our Financial Summary 2020 comes with a very suitable theme: Bridging the distance.

One among many challenges we all had to face the past year was to stay connected and build and maintain relationships despite the fact that we were not able to meet in person. We had to bridge the distance that the pandemic had made necessary. As a company that provides products, services, and solutions to the world market, this is especially important. We are proud that we, as a company, managed to stay together, deepen relationships, and Surpass Expectations also during this very special year.

In the Financial Summary, the theme Bridging the distance is also artistically expressed through magnificent photos of famous bridges from locations all over the world.

Please, enjoy!

cellmark financial summary 2020 cellmark financial summary 2020

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