Run to Raise 2021 – Stay active and contribute to a better world for kids!

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The registration deadline for the virtual activity challenge has passed, but the donation is still open.


This September, the PaperSeed Foundation in collaboration with CellMark, will host Run to Raise 2021 – a virtual event where you can get active and help raise funds to give kids the gift of a better education. Everyone can participate, and we warmly welcome you to join us and stay active this September.
The registration fee is $100 which goes directly to the PaperSeed Foundation. To participate, gather a team of participants and go to this application form and enter your full team contact details. You will pay the registration fee separately by making a donation via this donation page. The last day of registration is August 30.

Not feeling to join the Run to Raise activity challenge? Don’t worry. You can still give a helping hand and donate to the PaperSeed Foundation. Go directly to the donation page and make a donation of your choice today. No matter if $5, $50, or $500 – every donation counts!


Thanks for your support!
Together, we contribute to a better world for kids!



What is Run to Raise 2021?

Run to Raise 2021 a virtual event where you can get active in any way you like, at the time and pace you like. The event will raise money for the PaperSeed Foundation project providing a library for children and youth in Kenya. Additional funds will go to other PaperSeed projects.

How does it work?

The challenge will be arranged with an app called Challengize in which you can log all kinds of physical activities such as walking, running, gym, yoga, dancing, gardening, swimming, and meditation – just to mention a few. The sky is the limit and every movement counts! All participants will be divided into teams and together collect points based on their team activity.

How are the funds collected?

The funds to PaperSeed Foundation will be collected separately via this donation page where everyone easily can donate an amount of their choice. The participation fee of $100 will go directly to the PaperSeed Foundation as well.

I am not an athlete. Can I participate anyway?

Absolutely! Any kind of physical activity counts and you will earn your points based on your current condition and normal physical activity habits. When signing up in the Challengize app, you will answer a few questions about your activity habits on a normal day or week. These answers will not be shared with anyone, but they will help the app knowing how many points it should give you for each activity.

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