CellMark Ingredients Supply Side West Ingredient Spotlight: Nicotinamide Monucleotide

macular man in a parking housemacular man in a parking house

On October 25–28, 2021, CellMark Ingredients will participate in SupplySide West in Las Vegas.

The second ingredient we will spotlight for this exhibition is Nicotinamide Monucleotide (NMN). NMN has gained popularity as a Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) boosting molecule. NAD+ It is required for over 500 enzymatic reactions and plays key roles in the regulation of almost all major biological processes including the activation of Sirtuins. NAD+ availability decreases with age and in certain disease conditions. NAD+ drops in our bodies and it reduces the cell’s ability to make energy, repair DNA, and signs of aging and disease become apparent.

For more information contact us at ingredients@cellmark.com or visit us at SupplySide West, booth 3980.

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