CellMark Ingredients Supply Side West Ingredient Spotlight: Passienol®

close-up of a passion fruitclose-up of a passion fruit

On October 25–28, 2021, CellMark Ingredients will participate in SupplySide West in Las Vegas.

The fourth ingredient we will spotlight for this exhibition is Passienol®. Passienol® is a patented, clinically backed, natural beauty from within ingredients derived from Passiflora edulis. The patented technology makes Passienol® the only natural source of Piceatannol. Piceatannol is the next generation of stilbeniod in the same family as Pterostilbene and Resveratrol.

Like Resveratrol, Piceatannol is a powerful polyphenol antioxidant that activates Sirtuins which when activated have anti-aging and life-extension effects without calorie restriction. Passienol® also has multiple clinical studies with significant results for skin moisture, skin elasticity, reduced serum insulin, and fat burning making it the ultimate beauty from within ingredients.

For more information contact us at ingredients@cellmark.com or visit us at SupplySide West, booth 3980.

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