CellMark’s Financial Summary 2021 is here

Yes! Is it finally here! The CellMark Financial Summary 2021 is a colorful piece of art and a brief summary of our group’s consolidated financial statements, highlights, and sustainability performance during 2021.


CellMark Financial Summary 2021 (PDF)
​​​​​​​several colorful copies of cellmark financial summary 2021

Theme: “Together again”

This year’s summary comes with the theme “Together again”. 2021 was indeed still marked by pandemic and restrictions, but by the end of the year, we were slowly able to get together again in many parts of the world. We were able to travel again, see our families, see different cultures and, see new colors. Shake hands, hug, and get lost in the crowd. We hope we will continue to be connected again like this, as a family, a clan, a company – and celebrate our return to togetherness and smile.

Artist: Tim Timmey

This time we have the Swedish street and fine artist Tim Timmey featuring the report. Tim is best known for his giant murals and large sculptures. Nowadays he holds a paintbrush more than a spray can, and his canvases are shipped to customers from Helsingborg to Hong Kong.
profile image of a smiling man​​​​​Looking at Tim’s work you can see his inspiration is taken from nature and animals, often mixed with a little fantasy, and always presented in bright and vivid colors. His creations often take the form of totems, representing a family, clan, or tribe, sending a message about diversity, representation, and inclusion – a joining of cultures and individuals. Or you can choose to simply see a snail hanging out with a rhino. Either way, the artwork is produced out of joy, to spread some happiness and color.

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