CellMark’s Financial Summary 2022 is here

coverpage of cellmark's financial summary 2022coverpage of cellmark's financial summary 2022

CellMark’s Financial Summary 2022 is here! This piece of art is a brief summary of our Group’s consolidated financial statements, highlights, and sustainability performance during 2022.


CellMark Financial Summary 2022 (PDF)


Theme: “Unpredictable”

This year’s summary comes with the theme “Unpredictable”. The reason why is simple: “Unpredictable” is probably the most accurate word used to describe the year 2022. The entire year was a testament to the unpredictable nature of the world we live in. From political upheavals to natural disasters, the events of the year served as a reminder that no matter how much we try to plan and prepare, we cannot control everything.

However, despite the challenges and uncertainties of the year, there were also moments of hope and progress. From groundbreaking discoveries in science and technology to inspiring acts of kindness and solidarity, people around the world demonstrated remarkable resilience and a willingness to work together to overcome adversity.

In the end, the events of 2022 serve as a reminder that we live in a complex and interconnected world, where unpredictability is a fact of life. While we cannot control everything, we can choose how we respond to the challenges we face and work together to create a better and more sustainable future for all, surpassing expectations along the way. And that is exactly what we, CellMark, focused on during 2022.

Artist: Jimmy Herdberg (JMY)

The CellMark Financial Summary 2022 is featured by the Swedish digital artist Jimmy Herdberg (JMY). When Jimmy was 12 years old, he was gifted a book called ‘101 games’. The book contained only code. To play a game he had to type in the code on his brother’s computer. The next day he turned the page and typed in a new game. That was the first step toward turning the computer into a creative partner. Giving a machine a set of instructions, running a code, and watching the result is what Jimmy continues to do as a generative artist.

a male artist working on his artwork
Through algorithms, he provokes his computer to explore random connections. Jimmy will then analyze the visual outcome, tweak his code and repeat the process. He’ll do this for days, weeks, or months with the goal to write a code that truly generates art. In constructing a system, able to generate the artfully unpredictable, Jimmy is forced to find solutions that are beyond his existing level of understanding. Jimmy describes this phase in his creative process as being ‘lost’. But instead of panicking we should embrace the discomfort. This is when we are most open to discovering new ideas.

Unique hard copies

Oh yes, we love paper. So oh yes, we always provide hard copies of our Financial Summary. This year, each hard copy comes with a unique cover page created by the artist, Jimmy Herdberg (JMY). So, every owner of our printed version of our Financial Summary 2022 is a unique piece of artwork itself. Pretty cool, right?

Even better! As the owner of a Financial Summary, you have the opportunity to claim an NFT version of the cover page’s artwork.

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