Industrial & Specialty Chemicals

We offer a select range of raw materials and finished chemicals. Our expertise is in supplying high quality, high purity, raw materials to established industries as well as new product development into emerging markets.

Product Segments

two hand and a tube of wood adhesivetwo hand and a tube of wood adhesive

Adhesives & Sealants

Select additives, catalysts, elastomers and driers.

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Tractor and fertilizer spreader in fieldTractor and fertilizer spreader in field


Adjuvants, green solvents, surfactants, wetting agents, intermediates and active ingredients.

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Closeup female scientist hand holding test tube contain colorful chemical intermediatesCloseup female scientist hand holding test tube contain colorful chemical intermediates

Chemical Intermediates

Catalysts, high purity organic and inorganic chemicals; specialty chemical intermediates and specialty solvents for the synthesis and manufacturing of industrial fine chemicals.

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man using an electronic mobileman using an electronic mobile


Selected high quality and high purity metals and chemicals specialties for electronic applications.

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a glass building and blue skya glass building and blue sky


Specialty chemicals additives and proprietary taylor made solutions for hot and cold coating, tin derivatives MBTC, transition metals oxides, and specific organo-metallic products for the various glass coating processes.

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close up of a red can with grease additivesclose up of a red can with grease additives


Grease additives, polyisobutene and metallic stearates.

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cans with color additives seen from abovecans with color additives seen from above

Paint, Coating & Building Materials

Color additives, coatings and fire-safety line of products, organo-metallic additives and performance minerals and  specialty solvents.

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close up of pink plastic granulesclose up of pink plastic granules

Polymers & Compounds

Halogen free performance minerals to improve the fire safety of plastics, polymers, compounds or master batches by reducing of smoke emission, fire propagation (less dripping) and by increasing the fire resistance of the materials structure.

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close up of white paper rollclose up of white paper roll

Pulp & Paper Processing

Bleaching agents, surfactants and specialty additives for paper processing.

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close up of reducing agentsclose up of reducing agents

Reducing Agents

Specialized reducing agents for pharmaceutical, surfactant and personal care.

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blue mosaic tile textureblue mosaic tile texture

Refractory, Ceramics, Abrasives

Specialties aluminas and other specialties metal oxides; taylor made minerals solutions; ATH; calcined aluminas; fused aluminas; opacifiers; whitening agents.

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close-up of two hand removing pink nail polish from nailclose-up of two hand removing pink nail polish from nail


Biological, green, and food grade.

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sun and cloud against a blue skysun and cloud against a blue sky


Metal-based catalysts and UV additives.

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rolls of textiles in various coloursrolls of textiles in various colours


Additives, bleaching, surfactants and reducing agents.

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Water that movesWater that moves

Oil & Gas and Water Treatment

Anti-scaling, anti-fouling and corrosion inhibitor chemicals.

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How we help you leverage your strengths

Beside new product development we also propose specific services and custom manufactured specialties products.

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