CellMark keeps bringing more sustainability & responsibility to the Cosmetic industry

Last year, CellMark Chemicals has taken the challenge to bring more sustainable and responsible raw materials to the Cosmetic industry. Through our unique business & innovation platform, we have been able to develop some very special ingredients in collaboration with a few selected innovative companies.

collage of cellmaark and sevessence logos

Recently, at the Making Cosmetics in Milano, we introduced for the first time in Italy our new collection of Natural Organic Smart Fragrances® designed by Jean-Charles Sommerard, from the Sevessence perfume house in Paris.

people at the exhibition making cosmetics

If you are looking for a fully natural, premium and smart olfactive signature, please contact us to learn more about our unique collection and tailored solutions.

close up of shea butter and OKA cosmetics logo

In parallel, we have also presented our new sourcing program of Shea Butter in partnership with OKA Cosmetics and the Guinean communities. This program will lead to the very first fair trade and production of a premium organic shea butter, non-whitened, non-deodorized and thus retaining like no other shea butter on the market its authentic cosmetic properties. Feel very welcome to contact us to discover this truly fantastic ingredient.

Grazie mille Milano for your great welcome at the Making Cosmetics! We are now looking forward to meeting you soon at the Cosmetagora in Paris next January.

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