CellMark Chemicals Product Highlight Series – Sodium Bisulfite Solution

As part of an ongoing series, CellMark Chemicals will be highlighting some of the products we offer.  On top of our great products, we offer excellent customer service and global logistics to help meet our customers’ needs.  We are excited to begin our series with Sodium Bisulfite Solution (CAS NO: 7631-90-5). 

Sodium Bisulfite Solution can be used in bleaching cotton fabric and organic matter, or as a reducer in dyeing, papermaking, tanning, chemical synthesis and other industries.  In the pharmaceutical industry, it can be used in producing intermediates for Analginum, Aminopyrine, Taurine and many others.  CellMark Chemicals has supplied the solution as a formaldehyde removal resin regenerant in the EG plants in China as well.

For more information, please contact CellMark Chemicals at chemicals@cellmark.com

Fabric dyeing process, one of the uses of sodium bisulfite solution

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