DISA is the leading global provider of innovative foundry technology and the world-leading supplier of complete foundry solutions and services as well as state-of-the-art moulding equipment.

DISA develops and manufactures a complete range of metal casting production solutions for the ferrous and non-ferrous foundry industries. A long-standing tradition of innovation, reliability and commitment to providing its customers with competitive business value results in DISA today enjoying the trust and loyalty of leading foundries all over the world.

DISA offers a complete range of moulding equipment from small simple machines, for those foundries who want to upgrade from manual processes, to project managing and providing equipment for the complete foundry.

CellMark Belgium acts as agent for DISA in Benelux. We can advise you in close co-operation with DISA making the right choice for the equipment and organize the best way to install it. We help you for services, preventive maintenance and supply or spare parts.


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