About us

The Pulp Division was the genesis of CellMark in 1984 and we are proud of our heritage. Pulp is in our DNA! CellMark Pulp has grown and diversified to include over 2 million tonnes per year of Pulp, Energy, Biomass and Nordic Caustic.

CellMark Pulp is a global sales and marketing platform for wood pulp, biomass energy, wood chips and Nordic caustic soda. We have 4 main global hub offices in Gothenburg, Geneva, Singapore and Shanghai and numerous branch offices.

Our diversified product portfolio and expertise ranges to include Northern & Southern Softwood, Radiata, Aspen, Birch, Maple, Acacia, Eucalyptus, BCTMP, non-wood and Dissolving pulps. Our Energy group deals with wood pellets, waste-to-energy, wood chips for heat and electricity production and our Nordic Caustic group sells caustic soda into various applications in the Nordic region.

Making Your Business Easy

Our goal at CellMark’s Pulp Division is to facilitate sales for our customers and suppliers and to make that activity as easy and seamless as possible.

Our dedicated team is vigilant about finding improvements in our process and communication to our customers & suppliers on a daily basis. Our long-term partnerships are forged by continually proving to our customers and suppliers that we can provide innovative solutions for their global business.