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CellMark delivers a broad range of products, services and solutions to the world market. We bring order in volatile markets and mitigate risk. Our long-term experiences enable us to develop services that help our industrial partners improve performance.

With a talented and committed sales team featuring unmatched knowledge, experience and global presence, CellMark offer producers and end-users all manner of sales and marketing services, timely, accurate market information, risk management, order tracking, invoicing and trade documentation, all of which contribute to our world-class supply chain service operations.

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Financial Services

CellMark’s dedicated finance team creates innovative financial and risk management solutions from offices in Gothenburg, Geneva, Düsseldorf, Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, San Rafael (California), Miami (Florida), South Norwalk and Stamford (Connecticut).

Deep financial insight, an extensive global network and close relationships with banks and insurance institutions give CellMark the ideal platform from which to customize solutions for our customers and suppliers.

Tailored solutions

Always ready to embrace new ideas and concepts, CellMark has helped importers and exporters the world over to stay competitive. This creative approach is a result of our commitment to deliver financial solutions that precisely match the needs of both buyer and seller. Indeed, we always strive to design our solutions around the buyer/seller’s trading cycle, thereby minimizing risks.

Our financial services include:

  • Short and medium term trade finance
  • Structured trade finance
  • Pre-export financing
  • Countertrade solutions
  • Project finance
  • Credit insurance facilities
  • Credit management
  • Cash management services

Annual Report

CellMark’s Annual Report 2017 is now available. Get an overview of our performance, read about our division’s marketing highlights, our community support and learn how we every morning face a new day to meet the challenges of a changing world in order to surpass expectations!

CellMark Annual Report

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Logistics & Customer Services

CellMark’s logistics capabilities fulfill the needs of both our suppliers and customers. We integrate these services with our product divisions. As such, we combine our partners’ extensive knowledge with our logisticians’ considerable expertise.

As a large shipper of goods, CellMark has cultivated close relationships with major shipping lines, forwarding companies, terminals, haulers and insurance companies. These partnerships complement our deep product knowledge, resulting in high-quality transportation at competitive costs.

CellMark’s Logistics services include:

  • Container shipments
  • Bulk shipments
  • Dangerous goods
  • Contract negotiations
  • Marine insurance
  • Inspection of goods
  • Vessel chartering
  • Warehousing
  • Due diligence
  • Claims handling

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Regulatory Compliance and Support

In recent years, the regulatory environment for the chemical and allied industries in which we operate has changed dramatically. To keep up with these changes, CellMark Chemicals has built a global team of Compliance Managers. These professionals ensure that our organization and the products we provide comply with the full spectrum of regulatory bodies, including REACh, OSHA, FDA, USDA, DEA, EPA and GHS/CLP.

Additionally, our Compliance Managers update customers on regulatory changes around the world. They also exercise Responsible Care Distribution with imports, in accordance with the Customs Modernization Act and our NACD membership.

This valuable service helps customers and suppliers navigate the complexities of domestic and foreign markets. At the same time, we identify new business opportunities created by regulatory changes and reduce the possibility of noncompliance.

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Custom Manufacturing and Product Development

At CellMark, surpassing customers’ expectations is an integral element of who we are and what we do.

As such, we continuously design and develop products that meet customers’ specific manufacturing needs. Our global lab capabilities and research and development platforms deliver innovative solutions to everyday manufacturing challenges. Our technical professionals work with partners in the oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, refractories, glass and plastic industries to identify and select optimal product characteristics.

Leveraging an inventory of more than 500 industrial, pharmaceutical and personal care products, Custom Manufacturing represents more than 35 percent of the CellMark Chemicals’ sales, and is its fastest-growing sector.

Our technical and sales professionals provide these services for global customers:

  • Formulations
  • Custom blending
  • Granulations
  • Milling
  • Triturations
  • Packaging and Re-packing
  • Research and development
  • Pilot trials
  • Laboratory testing
  • Inorganic reactions

Our sales professionals feature extensive technical knowledge and experience. Additionally, our team tailors chemical analyses to customers’ specific product and manufacturing needs. And our experienced customer service team helps our partners seamlessly manage everyday challenges.

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