coverpage of cellmark's financial summary 2022coverpage of cellmark's financial summary 2022

CellMark’s Financial Summary 2022 is here

CellMark’s Financial Summary 2022 is here! This piece of art is a brief summary of our Group’s consolidated financial statements, highlights, and sustainability performance during…
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CellMark’s Financial Summary 2021 is here

Yes! Is it finally here! The CellMark Financial Summary 2021 is a colorful piece of art and a brief summary of our group’s consolidated financial…
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coverpage of cellmark financial summary 2019coverpage of cellmark financial summary 2019

CellMark’s Financial Summary 2019 is here

Voilà! Delivered right from the printer – CellMark Financial Summary 2019. Thanks to the talented graphic designer Andrew Cowie at C52 Graphic Design, this is…
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