green, white and yellow poster for run to raise 2021 charity eventgreen, white and yellow poster for run to raise 2021 charity event

Thank you for your donations in Run to Raise 2021

Run to Raise 2021 has come to an end and we are utterly thankful to all participants who joined us and stayed active during the…
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Everyone can make an impact on children’s educational opportunities

If you are a dedicated follower of CellMark, you probably know that we love to highlight PaperSeed Foundation and their important work to strengthening educational opportunities for…
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The PaperSeed Foundation explains how the pandemic may negatively affect children’s education

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s likely to be a lot less money for education. This may be a severe problem for children,…
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profile image of a manprofile image of a man

Joe Hoffman fast-walks a marathon for charity

Joe Hoffman, Division President of CellMark Paper Division and board member of our partner PaperSeed Foundation, will be fast-walking a marathon around Norwalk, CT, to raise…
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PaperSeed Foundation’s response to COVID-19

Given the current global pandemic, our partner PaperSeed Foundation has put together a report, summarizing what they are doing in response to the unprecedented number of children…
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